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At National Capital Security, we provide multiple different security options that all aim to keep you safe. Our licensed unarmed security guards and fire watch personnel provide high-quality services at competitive rates. We understand the unique security needs in Alexandria VA. That’s why so many businesses and residential communities see us as one of the best private security companies in Alexandria.

Why Choose National Capital Security?

We are here to provide a quality of service that exceeds your expectations. The owners of National Capital Security are former law enforcement officers. We know how important it is to provide the best protection possible. Ownership manages the daily operations and makes sure that the company is focused on the security needs of the client. Field supervisors conduct site inspections and electronic patrol tracking systems are used to keep an eye on the sites and they are always doing performance inspections. We do what it takes to provide our clients with the best service.

  • Ownership has a big part in the organization
  • Clients will be able to access and communicate with ownership
  • Professional security officers for every project
  • Officers are monitored by GPS to ensure professionalism and attentiveness

Well Trained Security Guards

Our team of professional security officers is comprised of some of the best security guards in the region. Job applicants have to go through a strict and stringent selection process before earning the right to wear a National Capital Security Uniform. We set a high standard that far exceeds state requirements.

The personnel at National Capital Security are licensed security officers. All officers complete training at security training academies that are approved by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS).

trained unarmed security guards

Unarmed Security Guard Services

unarmed security guard

If you’re looking for a cost-effective security service, our unarmed security guard services are the best option. Our unarmed guards in Alexandria VA will deter crime without introducing the liability risk of having a firearm in your business. Our unarmed guards will keep people away from sensitive areas, prevent general crime, and watch valuables that you might have. us help.

Unarmed security guards from National Capital Security are the right fit for many types of locations

  • Residential Communities
  • Shopping Centers
  • Commercial Office Buildings
  • Medical Facilities
  • Construction Sites
  • Retirement Communities

Alexandria VA COVID-19 Screening Services

In response to the unpredicted threat of Coronavirus, National Capital Securities has rolled out prevention services. Our officers can be positioned at the entrances of your building. They will enforce PPE, check temperatures, and restrict entry. They can also control public gatherings and restrict access to sensitive locations. Our COVID-19 screening service team is up-to-date on the newest CDC guidelines. We believe that our COVID-19 mitigation services are a way of keeping the virus at bay and protecting your office and workforce.

Fire Watch Patrol Services

firewatch officer

If you need fire watch service, then, then look no further. National Capital Security offers fire watch patrol services for residential and commercial buildings in Alexandria VA. Our professional fire watch team will serve as human fire alarms.

If you’re not aware, Alexandria VA has region-specific fire watch regulations. Not only do we know these regulations, but we will are able to uphold them in your building and teach you about them. We take fire watch regulations seriously because we understand what non-compliance can do to your building.

Mobile Security Patrols

Some residential communities and office complexes are too large to be patrolled on foot. Mobile security patrols are the best option for those types of situations.

National Capital Security’s mobile secuity patrol officers will patrol your location in highly visible marked security patrol vehicles with flashing lights.

Our visible presence keeps would-be-criminals away. When they see flashing lights or one of our officers on foot, the criminals will go away. There’s no other security company in Alexandria VA that can compares to National Capital Security mobile security officers.

Residential Security Guard Services

There’s nothing more difficult than feeling unsafe in your home. If your home is the target of car break-ins or vandalism, then allow one of our residential uniformed security officers to protect you. We can stop criminals, get police backup, and keep an eye on everything.

You can rely on National Capital Security:

  • General rule enforcement
  • Unarmed security patrols
  • Security concierge service
  • Access control

Construction Site Security Guards

Construction sites are often the target for unwanted visitors. When you have building materials and valuable tools that are left overnight, you need high-quality protection. The best option when it comes to protecting your construction site in Alexandria VA is to hire one of our security guards at National Capital Security. Our professional security officers are here to provide an extra set of eyes. We’ll monitor and protect your site overnight and keep the thieves away. We’ll make sure that everything is there in the morning when your crew returns.

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