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Arlington VA Security Services

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The presence of a security guard can help to deter criminals and protect properties more effectively. At National Capital Security, we offer fire watch, and security guard services in Arlington, VA.  We protect a wide variety of commercial and residential locations.  We take pride in providing the best quality security services in Arlington VA at competitive rates. We are the right security company for the job.

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Unarmed Security Guard Services

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National Capital Security uniformed unarmed security guard services in Arlington are effective crime deterrents.  Our security officers are trained at academies that are accredited by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS)The security guard’s strong presence discourages persons with ill intent from entering your location. 

Our guards will:

  • Patrol internal and external areas
  • Enforce the rules of the location based on the wishes of the property owner.
  • Be watchful for general misconduct, criminal activity, or safety concerns. 
  • Alert local law enforcement if criminal activity is witnessed.
  • Create reports documenting incidents and other security matters. 
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COVID 19 Mitigation Services

COVID-19 mitigation security

Coronavirus is an unprecedented threat to the businesses and residents of Northern VA.  In response to the new realities of COVID-19, National Capital Security provides covid-19 screening services.  Officers monitor the entrances of the buildings, checking temperatures, and enforcing PPE and entry restrictions.  Our officers are available to conduct temperature checks and access control services to sensitive locations and public gatherings. The COVID-19 mitigation team keeps aware of the latest CDC guidelines.  We consider our COVID-19 mitigation services a way of doing our part help to stop the spread. 

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Fire Watch Patrol Services

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Arlington, VA, has its own rules that are stricter than Virginia statewide requirements.  National Capital Security is a security company with significant experience providing fire watch patrol services in Northern, VA.  We understand the differences between state and local regulations.  Our professional fire watch team patrols the affected areas watches for signs of fire, and documents their patrol activity in logs that are ready for the Fire Marshal’s inspection.  We will help you throughout the process of starting and ending fire watch patrol service for your commercial or residential building. 

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Mobile Security Patrols

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Some locations require mobile security presence.  Mobile security patrols allow security guards to cover a larger area in less time.  National Capital Security’s mobile patrol team use marked security vehicles with flashing lights to make their presence known.  Most mobile security patrol sites have parts that are unable to reach in a car.  For this reason, National Capital Security mobile security officers include foot patrol activity with their mobile patrols.  All patrol activity is tracked and reported by a GPS patrol tracking system. 

Benefits of mobile security patrols

  • Protect large areas
  • Serve as a stronger visible deterrent
  • Respond quickly to security threats.
  • A broader array of security techniques can be used.

Residential Arlington VA Security Services

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Our security company provides uniformed and mobile security services to apartments, gated communities, and other residential locations in Arlington, VA. Our officers prevent vandalism, theft, and other criminal activity.  In addition to crime prevention, residential security guards avoid nuisance related issues like loitering, noise complaints, and other rule-breaking. 

Types of Residential Services We Provide

  • Unarmed Security Guards
  • Anti-loitering enforcement
  • Security concierge services
  • Access control
  • Mobile security patrols

Construction Site Security Guards


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Construction sites in Arlington frequently find themselves to be targets of construction site thieves.  Many criminals find the profit potential of the materials and equipment on-site to be too tempting to pass up.  Fortunately, our construction security guards are available to protect construction sites in Arlington, VA.  Our officers are there when you are not.  We make sure that you return to a job site that has everything that was there when you left for the day. 

Why Choose National Capital Security

National Capital Security has been providing security in Arlington, VA, for over 15 years.  Our security company is owned and operated by former police officers who take a hands-on approach to our operations.  Clients can speak directly to the owners and receive their expert recommendations.

We stand out from other security service companies in several ways:

  • We customize services to meet individual needs
  • Clients have direct access to ownership
  • We offer competitive pricing
  • Security officers are professional in both appearance and conduct.

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