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Why you should choose security companies with patrol tracking

Any security guard company can provide licensed security guards. The important question is, how do you know that the guards are really doing their job?  Patrol tracking is the best way to know that the security guards at your location are completing their duties to the fullest.  The best security companies invest in patrol tracking technology.  What is security patrol tracking? Security patrol tracking is a technology that monitors the activity of security guards while they are on duty.   There are several different companies that offer patrol tracking. However, most of them operate base on the same basic principle.  Checkpoints...

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What to look for in a Washington DC Security Company

Any licensed security agency in Washington DC can provide a uniformed security guard to protect your business or community.  Unfortunately, all security companies are not created equal.  There are significant differences that can impact the quality of service that you will receive.  The security company should have more than a security agency license. Every security company has a license. It is important to know what to look for in a Washington DC security guard company. Below are the most important things to consider when hiring a private security agency. Is the company locally owned and operated? If you want to...

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