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Security Guard Services

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National Capital Security (NCS) security guards serve as a visible deterrent and are trained to observe criminal and suspicious activity and report to the appropriate authorities. We provide professional security guard services at competitive rates.

Our guards protect properties from theft, vandalism, trespassers, and other criminal activity. Guards deter acts of violence and notify the appropriate authorities.

Well Trained Security Guards

National Capital Security seeks out experienced, mature and professional individuals to serve as licensed unarmed guards. NCS recruits former and retired Police Officers as well as individuals with a military background, previous leaderships or supervisory positions with exemplary qualifications.

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Unarmed Security Guard Services

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National Capital Security’s uniformed, unarmed security guards protect businesses and residential communities across the region. Security Guards’ visible presence deter criminal activity. Officers question and challenging suspicious person(s) on or around the property they are assigned to protect. When criminal activity is witnesses, unarmed security officers contact local law enforcement, assist police upon their arrival, and document all incidents in detailed reports that are stored electronically.

Other Services

Covid-19 Screening | Fire Watch | Mobile Security Patrols | Personal Protection