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Security Services in Woodbridge, VA

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Security isn’t something you can trust with just anyone. At National Capital Security, we have a reputation for being the security company that provides comprehensive security services in Woodbridge, VA. Prince William County businesses and residential communities can turn to our competent security guards to be your eyes and ears on the ground.

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Why choose National Capital Security?

We understand your security needs in Woodbridge better than anyone. We go above and beyond client expectations. The owners of National Capital Security are former law enforcement officers. It ensures that we understand the threats and how to manage them appropriately. Our operations are constantly under their management, and our clients are able to consult with them directly.

We utilize electronic patrol tracking systems and have supervisors perform inspections. It ensures that you’re getting the high-quality security that you demand.

The fact is:

We offer more benefits than the average security company in Woodbridge:

  • Security officers are professional and professionally trained
  • Owners are actively involved in the company
  • GPS patrol tracking system monitors guard activity
  • Clients can access ownership directly

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Licensed, Trained, Security Professionals

Every with National Capital Security officer has been licensed by the Virginia Depart of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) and trained at DCJS accredited academies.  Our officers pass an extensive selection process before they become security officers with our company.  It ensures you have access to only the very best.  Less than 10% of applicants are hired. 

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Unarmed Security Services in Woodbridge, VA

National Capital Security’s unarmed security guards are popular in Woodbridge, VA because of the cost-effective solution that they offer.  Our team of professional unarmed guards combines vigilance and visible presence to prevent crime and other misconduct.

Our guards keep a watchful eye on their assigned location, ensure that unauthorized persons aren’t accessing restricted areas, and document their observations and engagement in detailed reports. 

Uniformed security guards are the most effective crime prevention resource.

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Common Locations for Unarmed Security Guards

  • Medical facilities
  • Shopping malls
  • Residential buildings
  • Retirement communities
  • Commercial office buildings
  • Construction sites

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COVID-19 Screening Services

At National Capital Security, we have the means to provide coronavirus screening.  Our officers are able to monitor building entrances and screen every person who enters the locations.  Temporal thermometers and screening questions are used to ensure that persons with fevers or symptoms of COVID19 are identified and denied access.  conduct temperature checks, and even enforce the use of PPE upon entering.  We are committed to reducing the threat of the coronavirus and currently provided these services at public gatherings and sensitive locations.  Our mitigation team stays aware of the latest guidelines of the CDC.

Learn more by visiting our COVID-19 Screening page

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Mobile Security Patrols

When you have a large area or a complex with multiple buildings, mobile security patrols are the best option.  Security officers patrol the area in marked security vehicles making their presence known and watching for suspicious activity or safety concerns.  Our mobile security officers can prevent vandalism and other crimes. We provide the best mobile security services in Woodbridge, VA.

At National Capital Security, our mobile security patrols can be the ultimate solution for:

  • Gated communities
  • Residential apartment communities with multiple buildings
  • College campuses
  • Large corporate campuses
  • Commercial parking lots

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Residential Security Services in Woodbridge, VA

No one wants to feel unsafe where they live. Car break-ins and vandalism can often be prevented with uniformed security guards in Woodbridge.  Residential security officers also help with nuisance crimes like loitering, parking enforcement and noise complaints.  We have the ability to protect your home or your residential building.

  • Unarmed officers
  • Access control
  • Rule enforcement
  • Security concierge service

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Fire Watch Patrol Services

Fire watch patrol services are required whenever any part of your fire alarm or fire suppression system is malfunctioning.  When your fire system for your Woodbridge, VA location is down, you can count on us at National Capital Security.  Fire watch patrol officers patrol the affecting areas serving as human fire alarms.  We ensure that you get the coverage you need in the event that you have a fire alarm malfunctioning.

Fire Watch Duties

  • Patrol the affected areas
  • Verifying that stairwells and exits are unobstructed
  • Remain watchful for signs of smoke or fire
  • Maintain a patrol log book in compliance with Prince William County fire regulations
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