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Personal Security Services

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National Capital Security (NCS) provides professional executive protection services to persons who require personal protection. We provide an optimal, hassle-free environment for our customers that need to focus on their business or leisure objectives.  

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The Right Protection Personnel 

All NCS personal protection personnel are former and current law enforcement officers. Many also have military experience. Our team does not learn on the job. They have the perfect combination of training and experience to provide the best personal protection services in the region.

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VIP Executive Protection Security Service

Unfortunately, there are people in this world who wish to do harm to successful people.  Our executive protection team provides VIPs with the peace of mind of knowing that they are can safely conduct their business or personal activities without fear. 

National Capital Security provides protection for executives, athletes, entertainers, dignitaries and other persons of influence who wants a personal sense of security.  Our staff accompanies clients to events, meetings, or any other environment where they may attract unwanted attention.

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Free Estimates Call 800-239-8341

The Right Security Strategy 

Our team plans, organizes and executes comprehensive protection plans for individuals and corporate executives for any delegation or event.  Every aspect of the detail is coordinated and planned.  Measures are put in place to deter known and unknown threats and reduces risks.  

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Discreet Personal Security

In many cases, clients prefer security that is responsive but less visible. We can provide discreet, inconspicuous service that allows clients to function without feeling like they are surrounded by security. Our security experts position themselves in a manner that minimizes distractions and does not attract unwanted attention.

Customer-Oriented Service

It is sometimes easy to forget that providing a security service is just that-a Service. NCS believes that an integral part of providing services is creating a stress-free, safe environment that is based on the client’s needs and preferences. We listen to our clients and make their visions of safety a reality.