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Uniformed Security Officers

NCS Security Guards serve as a visible deterrent and are trained to observe criminal and suspicious activity and report to the appropriate authorities. Our guards protect our clients property from theft, vandalism, trespassers and various criminal activities. Guards are also trained to protect our clients lives from acts of violence and notify the appropriate authorities.We provide guards who are trained to manage access control doors and windows.
NCS Armed Security Guards, are certified, highly capable and qualified to be armed, for defensive purposes. Guards are equipped with firearms, pepper spray, baton, handcuffs and capable of making criminal arrests. Some Unarmed guards may carry pepper spray, handcuffs and baton
NCS Security Guards uniform presence is only to deter criminal activity, by questioning or challenging suspicious person(s) on or around the property they are assigned to protect, contact the police, as well as observe and report their finding to the police and/or the client.
NCS seeks out experienced, mature and professional individuals who serve as Unarmed and Armed Security licensed Guards. NCS recruits former and retired Police Officers as well as individuals with a military background, previous leaderships or supervisory positions with exemplary qualifications.