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Virginia Security Services

Security is of the utmost importance for ensuring the safety of your human and physical assets.  At National Capital Security, we offer comprehensive security services throughout Northern VA.  Whether you need services like fire watch, armed or unarmed security guards, we are capable of providing the Virginia Security Services that you need.

Additionally, we can offer services on the ground, in a mobile capacity. We take pride in providing high quality, professional security services at competitive prices. All of our Virginia security guards are licensed by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Service. (DCJS)

Areas National Capital Security Protects in VA

Alexandria | Arlington | Fairfax County | Loudon County |Prince William County

Unarmed Security Guard Services

unarmed security guard

Our unarmed security guard services include trained professional security officers who are committed to protecting our client’s interests. Officers use their visible presence to deter criminal activity.  Security officers use Verbal skills and de-escalation techniques to reduce negative encounters and prevent conflicts.

We have the experience needed to provide Virginia security services in nearly any scenario. Whether you need a firm presence or a friendly, more customer-focused approach, we have the right team for the job.

Types of Unarmed Security Guard Services

  • Residential Security
  • Commercial Building Security
  • Event Security
  • Construction Security
  • Medical Facilities
  • Assisted Living Facilities

COVID 19 Mitigation Services

COVID-19 mitigation security

The COVID-19 Pandemic presents a unique safety threat to business complexes, residential buildings, and medical facilities in Virginia.  Our officers are available to conduct temperature checks and access control services to sensitive locations and public gatherings. The COVID-19 mitigation team keeps aware of the latest CDC guidelines.  We consider our COVID-19 mitigation services a way of doing our part help to stop the spread. 

Fire Watch Patrol Services

fire watch patrol

National Capital Security’s fire watch team is standing by 24/7, ready to respond when called.  If your fire alarm or fire suppression system is malfunctioning, our fire watch team will conduct on-site patrols watching for signs of smoke or fire.  Fire watch personnel are aware of the Virginia fire watch code.  They know what it takes to comply with all state and local fire watch regulations.

Mobile Security Patrols

mobile security patrol guard

Mobile patrol is another form of Virginia security services. From neighborhoods to shopping centers, to commercial building complexes, our mobile security patrols are capable of covering a significant amount of ground by using vehicles. By choosing a mobile security patrol, it offers high visibility as a deterrent.

Choosing a mobile patrol includes:

  • Highly visible patrol vehicles with flashing lights.
  • Officers trained to combine mobile patrols with foot patrols of areas unreachable from the vehicle.
  • GPS patrol tracking of the vehicle and the officer’s activity.

Armed Virginia Security Services

armed security guard

There are instances when the assigned location requires an armed presence. Our armed security officers are an elite part of our uniformed security officer team. They understand the seriousness of carrying a firearm and approach their duties with the utmost levels of seriousness.

Many of our armed officers have military backgrounds. Our officers carry an assortment of non-lethal weaponry because we want to reduce the need to use lethal force. The use of a firearm is a last resort that we hope never to need. That being said, our security officers have the experience and skills necessary to respond to any threat level with the appropriate force levels, including the use of firearms.

Whether you need an individual armed security guard or a full team, we have the means of providing you with the services that are required.

Residential Security Guards

residential security guard

At National Capital Security, we provide residential security guards services to communities across Northern VA. We understand that residential communities offer families a retreat from the world.  It is our goal to provide a safe environment for the families in the communities that we protect.

The benefits of a residential security guard include:

  • Preventing crimes such as theft, vandalism, and loitering
  • Enforcing the rules of the community
  • Reducing the property owner’s liability

We customize our patrol techniques to meet the unique needs of each residential community we serve. We can provide armed or unarmed security guard services depending on the threat levels and risks of the location. No one offers better residential community security guards than National Capital Security.

Construction Site Security Guards

construction site security guard

Unfortunately, construction sites are prime targets of theft.  Criminals know that construction sites are filled with high-value materials. Our construction security guards patrol construction sites, making their presence known as a warning to would-be criminals.

Construction security is available 24/ 7. We understand that the service needs are affected by the production schedule. As a result, we offer flexible scheduling. We adjust the schedule based on the need s of the construction site.

Why Choose National Capital Security

At National Capital Security, we take a unique approach to security.  Our owners are actively involved in the day-to-day operations and work to meet the needs client’s needs.  As former law enforcement officers, the National Capital Security ownership understands what it means to protect and serve the community is.  Every aspect of the organization is focused on the goal of providing high-quality service that our clients deserve.

When you choose us, you can rely on:

  • Direct access to company ownership
  • Customized security services
  • Competitive pricing
  • And more